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Viva Visual Experiments! Flikli Content Lab is Here.

The visuals that we create for our clients are designed solutions which address real needs and the parameters of the brief. This is the heart of what we do, first and foremost. Still, we always leave room for a little bit of play and individual expression. We believe that ideas for visual content aren’t magical things; they’re […]

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Holiday Infographic: 9 Christmas Traditions and their Origins

by Flikli Editors on 20 December 2014

8-Bit, Timelapse, and Interactive Video…These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

by Flikli Editors on 19 December 2014

Alien Deer vs Rabbit: Christmas Clash

by Flikli Editors on 18 December 2014

Eat (Don’t Delete) These Cookies!

by Flikli Editors on 17 December 2014

How are Your CTAs performing? Kickstart Your 2015 CTA strategy now!

by Flikli Editors on 4 December 2014
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Pimp My Video – What is Flikli’s Custom Style?

Pimp My Video – What is Flikli’s Custom Style?

We’ve got great news for you! In addition to our six house styles, Flikli now offers a custom style for our explainer videos. Now you can have it all!

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