7 Animated Videos That Will Boost Your Productivity

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Have you ever wondered what the best way to rest is when you’re laboring through a long spell of work? Maybe you’re a compulsive list maker and note taker who wants to be more systematic about how you use those tools. Or perhaps you’d just like a few productivity tips to help make your daily routine smoother and more organized. Check out this new set of videos — they’ll help you do with the above, and more:

Be More Productive: 8 Tips To Help You Work Better

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Eight tips to help you be more productive.

When your environment is cluttered, your brain’s ability to process information is limited. An uncluttered , organized, and serene environment assists you to process information.

Investing time in planning will reward you with extra time in execution.

John Cage says ‘begin anywhere’. Start one task quickly after planning to keep your momentum going!

Schedule time for social media and email rather than flicking between screens.

Experts estimate that switching between tasks can cause a 40% loss in productivity.

Know what you can and can’t do. Delegate tasks to experts and ask team members to assist with regular administrative tasks.

Use lists to plan and monitor your progress. Seeing what you have completed is important to monitor your productiveness.

Rewarding your successful productivity will motivate you to stay on track!

Resting to Be Productive: Get Some Rest To Do Your Best!

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Push too hard for too long at work and you’ll crash. Tired minds make poor decisions and exhaustion leads to mistakes and bad moods.

Your body works in cycles. Listen to them! The human brain can only focus for around 90 minutes before needing rest. So by taking a break of roughly 20 minutes every hour and a half of work allows your brain to recharge.

If you really want to optimize, though, researchers have found that working for 52 minutes with a 17 minute break will keep you at peak productivity.

But don’t get sucked into kittens and social media! Use your break to walk, stretch or socialise with colleagues.

Try scheduling your work day and to-do lists around this work – rest – work pattern.

And you can further maximize your rest by catching a nap during your break.

Work smarter — make sure you’re getting the rest you need!

Fantastic Tips for Using Lists Brilliantly

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Do you want to get more done, be more organised and get better results?

But feel like you have so much to do, not enough time and don’t know where to start?

Increase your productivity by using lists brilliantly!

First things first. Choose your list medium. Pen and paper or smart phone app?

Next think about what you need to do today, this month and this year. Write down the tasks on separate lists so you can plan ahead without getting confused about priorities.

So your list is filling up. Now it is time to highlight the most important tasks! These are things that will have bad consequences if you don’t do them.

Are your tasks to vague or too big? Break it up. Separate big tasks into small manageable chunks.

And write an estimate of how long it will take to do each task so you can plan your day ahead.

To get the ball rolling and the checkboxes ticking start with a small easy task. This will motivate you to keep going!

Finally don’t delete your completed tasks. Just tick box or cross them out so you can see how great and productive you’ve become.

Now enjoy all the stress free time you created by using lists brilliantly!

Productivity is always a relevent topic, but today it’s all about getting things done in a more human way rather than a more mechanical one. The workforce culture now is influenced deeply by lean philosophies and lifehacks, and there’s no shortage of productivity apps to help us to get stuff done in better ways. But we believe that the best productivity tool is still self-knowledge.



Kill Procrastination Before It Kills Your Productivity: A Few Helpful Tips

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We all do it. Put something off. Convince ourselves we will be better or more efficient later. Find distractions.

Procrastination is not only a killer of productivity it can be bad for your health! Studies show chronic procrastinators are more likely to suffer stress related diseases.

Here are some ways you can break the procrastination cycle.

Make your first decision a great one. DON’T hit the snooze button!

Exercise! Fuelling your brain with oxygen can assist concentration. Go for a short walk or run up the stairs.

Eat! Having snacks close by prevents you from wandering off task to satisfy a craving….

Take a break. It is better to stop, take a break and refocus your mind then push on and spend hours distracted.

Finally, team up – find a mate so you can support each other through the procrastination temptation!

At Flikli we’re also continually trying to find ways to produce more creative stuff efficiently. Inspired by that, we’ve created this set of seven videos, continuing our tradition of creating helpful explainers for everyday life alongside the content we make for brands and their products.

Understanding Note Taking: An Animated Guide to Taking Effective Notes

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Effective note taking in lectures, meetings or at events makes you more productive by helping you remember key facts, creates a reference for later and keeps you focussed during the event.

Studies have shown using pen and paper instead of a laptop or tablet helps you to remember facts more deeply and assists in understanding complex ideas.

Don’t try and write everything down. Focus on the key information and related ideas.

It is important to summarize your notes immediately after the event to create a concise and clear reference for later.

Writing all your notes in a dedicated notebook will ensure they stay all together and are kept in chronological order.

Using different coloured pens to highlight key facts or actions can help you plan ahead.

Compare your notes with you colleagues or classmates to ensure you haven’t missed any critical information.

On a side note, this series is kind of an informal debut for a new style we’ve been working on. It’s full of pastel colors, rounded edges, minimal backgrounds, and is inspired by flat design. It’s pretty different from the styles you’ve seen from us in the past.

Achieve More By Setting Smart Goals

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Goal setting is a powerful tool in increasing productivity.

In fact, setting goals can increase your productivity by 11 to 25%!

But actually setting and working towards goals can be challenging. so let’s get S.M.A.R.T about goals.

S, Specific: Ask yourself what you want to accomplish? and most importantly why?

M, Make it measurable. Are you able to tell when you have reached your goal?

A, Attainable. Goals should stretch you so you feel excited, but within your current ability.

R, Relevant: set goals that are going to positively impact your life. Does this goal fit in with your other life goals and dreams?

T, Time Based: A goal with a time deadline will create a sense of urgency and give you the energy you need to complete it.

Finally once you achieve your goal it is time to celebrate, and set the next goal!

We hope that these new animated videos will provide a toolbox of useful ideas and practices for anyone who wants to boost their productivity in a smart way.

Be A Better Decision Maker: Fight Decision Fatigue

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Scientists have discovered that humans have a limited amount of mental energy and having to make a large number of decisions over time can cause “decision fatigue” A tired person will make impulsive decisions or avoid making decisions at all!

Here are a few things you can do to fight decision fatigue and become a better decision maker:

Think about your decision-making ability as a limited resource and manage the amount of decisions you need to make in a day.

Plan low-level choices in advance, such as what to wear, what to eat, and when to go to the gym.

Take breaks from brainwork — if you’re tired, your decision-making will be impaired.

If you do need to make important decisions while tired, have a sweet snack beforehand — a temporary energy boost will help make the right choice.

We hope you enjoyed the videos in this series. We certainly enjoyed making them! And finally, be sure to pass these on to your team members, friends, or family who could benefit from these tips as well.

UPDATE 11/27: “Fantastic Tips for Using Lists Brilliantly” was featured on Lifehacker!