8-Bit, Timelapse, and Interactive Video…These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

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Lo and behold, the Christmas season is upon us, and Flikli is heralding the holidays with our most ambitious pixel art production to date!

This year, Flikli has partnered up with the interactive team at Vidzor to design and create Ice Rage, a mixed media video game that is played through an interactive video. 8-bit Christmas animations populate live ski footage to transform a leisurely trek through the mountains into a full-fledged Christmas nightmare complete with a Christmas Krampus.

We’ve created 8-bit videos in the past and have had great success with them, so this year Flikli Content Lab decided to expand our skillset and take it one step further. We alternated animation techniques, by pre-rendering background elements into the footage, and rendering actionable obstacles randomly throughout game play.

The truly impressive fact about this video is that every interaction within the game, from submitting a nickname, to starting the game, controlling the sleigh, and sharing your score across social channels takes place in an easily embeddable, HTML5 video. And while this time around we opted to do something fun and designed an in video video game, we also create interactive business videos that let viewers navigate through a business’ value propositions, contact forms, and product features.

Anyway, I think I’ve aired enough spoilers about Ice Rage so it’s time for you to take a toboggan for a test drive yourself! To start your in-video video game experience just enter your name…