“The Greatest”, from We Are KING: An 8-Bit Music Video

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The three ladies who comprise Los Angeles trio KING got in touch with us earlier in the year to help them design the music video for their song “The Greatest”, from their album We Are KING. As its title hints, the song was inspired by the champion spirit of Muhammad Ali, and members Paris, Amber, and Anita envisioned a training and victory montage which incorporated the group’s logo and highlighted 8-bit versions of the singers themselves. The video is meant to give viewers a healthy dose of 8-bit era video game nostalgia to build brand awareness and name recognition for KING.Given our previous successes making videos in that style, Team Flikli was more than happy to oblige. (Check the video after the jump to see the fruits of our collaboration.)We realize that the majority of clients we work are brands rather than bands, and while for many musicians a music video is a “must-have”, music videos for brands are not the first choice of visual content for achieving marketing goals.So what can a brand learn from a music video like the one we created with KING?

we remember music videos because of the emotional experience they give us

Well, the thing is that music videos do what so much content marketing aimed at building awareness should do but often forgets to — they aim for the heart (and sometimes, for the gut!) Music videos are eternal attention-getters and conversation starters for a very good reason: they add a layer of engaging moving imagery to music already meant to stir an audience’s emotions.

Sometimes that layer is a visual story, sometimes it’s a series of provocative scenes, other times it’s even an hypnotically abstract visual experiment. Regardless of the tactic, the video is likely to remain stuck in your mind for a while. We bet you could pull any number of scenes from your own memories even years after you first viewed the music videos, and you probably can still name the bands too.

To connect with existing fans and listeners who may not have heard their music yet, KING wanted to tap into the little joys and triumphs of winning in old-school video games, so for “The Greatest”, the lead single from We Are KING, Flikli created images of triumph and furious competition reminiscent of both our previous 8-bit video celebrating athletics and the console games that inspired it.

We then combined the abovementioned engaging imagery and artfully combined it with images of the band, their logo, and a color scheme inspired by their album art to create a video content that we think people will remember, recognize, and share.By combining the shimmery sounds of “The Greatest” with a montage that reconnects us to that feeling, KING has video content to match music that’s stirring excitement and earning them some well-deserved praise. With this video KING is winning new fans and giving their audience a pixelated treat to remember them by, a starting point for listeners to enjoy even more great tracks from We Are KING, and join them at future concerts.No matter what kind of videos you create to create brand awareness, aim to do what good music videos do: create an emotional experience. This works regardless of whether your brand is consumer-oriented or B2B. If you want to build brand awareness with video content, you need to engage audience’s emotions in your videos before you even say a word about your products. Do this and they’ll remember you and seek out your brand, giving you the opportunity to build a relationship and guide them towards the value you can bring them at later stages.

And now, the video. Please enjoy what Okayplayer called “a vibrant video for the album cut “The Greatest,” saluting the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali in word and saluting the gamer in all of us”: