Creating an Original Character

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Welcome – maybe you’re on our site because you’re considering an explainer video? You’ve come to the right place! Our portfolio is chock full of our videos, organized in 6 different styles.

Our styles differ based on the style of illustration. To really see the differences, focus on how the characters within the styles look (the detail of facial characteristics, body proportions) and the amount of detail in the backgrounds.

So now you’re ready to get an explainer video and you like a particular Flikli style – but there’s something else. You have big ideas for an original character who will be the star of your video – and nobody else’s! Perhaps you need a Super Hero Chef? Or you’d like to see an IT T-Rex? Or even a Gargoyle Sportscaster? (Anything is possible in animation!) This character may even become part of your branding or internal communications.

The only problem is he hasn’t been designed yet…

A bear who is a race car champion? What an idea!


Having a great idea is half the battle, but you need someone to develop and perfect your new star. We’d be happy to help you out.

First, just tell us your idea at the production consultation, when we first discuss your project as a whole. Let us know if you have any colors or features in mind for your character. Maybe you’d like him / her / it to be dressed a certain way, for example. And if you already know which Flikli style you’d like the video in, that gives us a head start on character development.

Also, if you have any reference photos to work with, that helps us out a lot, too. But please don’t worry if you don’t have any details in mind. We can whittle your character down from a broader idea.



So let’s say your idea is a race car-driving bear! Now that you’ve told us all about the concept on the production consultation, one of our illustrators will spend some time sketching. You’ll receive several options in the first round. That will look something like this:

What a selection!


Now it’s your turn! You take a look at these fine bears, but you’d like to see him a bit differently. So you give us feedback so we can get closer to what you have in mind. For example, “I like character D, but he’s too bright. I’d like to see Character D with some darker coloring. I like the blue in character C.”

From there, we’ll take over and give you second draft options.

What a difference!


Then there’s time for more feedback. Just like the rest of the video process, we work together until you have the perfect character for your video and your brand. “B is better, but let’s give him a darker helmet and a lighter shirt. And let’s add some extra details to his helmet.”
That’s how we get to the final character:

What a cutie!


Great, so now your company has a cute, new representative and this bear is totally ready to get in on the animation action.

What a star!


If you’d like to know more about creating a character, just write us a note and we’ll be happy to provide more details about timing and price.

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