DIY Papercraft Sloth

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The Flikli team has recently been experimenting with papercraft figures and low-poly 3D design. Inspired by both, this month Kati from the animation team designed and created an unfolded pattern of a 3D sloth mask.

Her process involved modeling a low-poly 3D sloth head in Cinema 4D,


and then converting it into a foldable template using free downloadable Pepakura software.

If you’ve always wanted to make your own sloth head, today is your lucky day. You can download and print the instructions and parts here: Crazy_Sloth



But be warned! Once Kati designed the masks we started seeing sloths everywhere in the office.

Suddenly there were sloths in the morning…


Sloths at work…


Sloths just slothin’ like they do…


Even our office plant got slothed!