How You Can Double the Value of Your Explainer Video: Part I

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Here’s an industry secret — here at Flikli, we’ve realized that a lot of businesses don’t really take advantage of the marketing capacity of their explainer video. Sure, they post it on their homepage and distribute it across their social media channels, but after that the case is closed!The thing is, an explainer video has miles of marketing potential in it, and with a bit of active campaigning on your end it can double or triple your monthly web traffic! To help you start getting your video out there and seen, we’ve compiled a two-part list of marketing ideas to boost your post-production video marketing campaign.

Video Placement Platforms

Posting your video on your website is a great way to turn leads into conversions. But let’s take it one step further! Instead of focusing on audiences that have already heard about your product and want to find out more, how about engaging scores of new leads and audiences across different platforms?


For starters, sharing your video on YouTube is a real gimme. Not only is YouTube the second largest search engine out there, but the platform also opens doors for future ad campaigns (we’ll get into this later).

A few quick’n’dirty tips to optimize your YouTube content:

  • Take advantage of the platform’s keyword targeting by including as many relevant search terms in your title, description, and tags, as possible
  • Make sure your description is useful and compelling — whether you describe a major feature that stands out about your product, add a clear and concise call-to-action, or include your business address, make it count!
  • If your business has a larger video portfolio, create a playlist! Watchtime can increase significantly if your videos automatically play one after the other.

While it’s definitely the largest, Youtube isn’t the only available video audience out there. Once you determine the exact nature of your target demographic, take the time to post your video where it can garner the right kind of attention. We’ve picked out a few video platforms that better fit the niche for a Flikli style explainer. For a more comprehensive list of video distribution platforms for all sorts of videos, we suggest this video distribution list to get started.


Dailymotion is a French video sharing website that boasts a community of viewers second only to YouTube. Navigating and using the platform is quite simple, and once you’ve uploaded your video make sure to add relevant tags, a descriptive title, and a concise description. Like we said it has a lot of viewers, so getting past all of the noise on the platform takes a bit of research. To find an audience for your video, start by searching for related “groups” and submitting your content — the more specific the group, the better the quality of your audience!


If you’re looking for a professional platform for your explainer, check out Viddler. This platform is designed specifically for business videos and includes specific features that help promote your video and make it a point of interaction with potential customers. Unlike YouTube and Dailymotion, Viddler has a monthly fee for businesses. The upside is, account holders can take advantage of added features like video contest management, subscriptions, opt-in advertising, in-timeline tagging/commenting, and webcam recording. For more information about the pros and cons of a free account versus a paid account on Viddler, this article helps stack up the two options.

Video Ads

If you’re comfortable with AdWords and have uploaded your video to YouTube, AdWords for video is a marketer’s gold mine. The platform is still relatively new, which means keywords are cheaper than they would be for a text ad, and they include the added bonus of a compelling video. You can also designate your target demographic and bid for ad placement on the websites that participate in the Google Display Network to fine-tune your viewership. For an in-depth introduction to video ads, check out this overview. Take it from us, playing around with video ad placements can get pretty addicting, so get ready to start checking your analytics and tweaking your ads a couple of times throughout the week!

If you’ve covered these basics and you’re ready for more video marketing ideas, stay tuned for Part II! We’ll discuss ways to leverage your video in your existing marketing campaigns and one-off ways to reach quality audiences for your explainer (and more importantly, your brand!).