Fact: Infographics Can Help Your Business

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Much has already been written dedicated to the topic of infographics and how they have progressed from being supporting elements in media content to taking center stage as presentations in and of themselves.

In addition to our own post on the subject there have already been a ton of posts by notable content experts that have made the case for why infographics are an important part of content marketing. Social media strategist Jeff Bullas provided his “9 Awesome Reasons To Use Infographics in Your Content Marketing”, consulting group Social Media Explorer talked about how people are ”hard wired for infographics” and bestselling author and content brand guru tweeted on how the press release, staple of business communication, has been supplanted by the omnipresent infographic:

Now, in addition to the endorsement of web notables like these, you likely know from your own experience that infographics are influential, engaging, and spread quickly and easily.

What we want to do is get you to think about the infographics you want to create for your own company or organization. You produce relevant data every day, and you already have internal and external data relevant to your business that can bring you real value. You just need to communicate it to the right people in a way that they’re receptive to and engaged by — namely, through a great infographic.

Whether you’re an institution who wants to create engaging visual education materials or a company looking for content to fuel your inbound and content marketing strategies at any level, you have it in your organizational DNA to produce the data which makes up these infographics.

By way of example, here’s a Flikli infographic we created for BMobilized highlighting facts about mobile phone and mobile web usage, based on their research and company knowledge:

Of course, you can even create infographics out of information on any topics which you have researched information on and are interested in. This infographic was a 10% Time project of one of our illustrators, Rocky, whose interest in the sciences and humanities drew him to research the mighty sperm whale in his free time. He took the facts he found on the great beast and turned it into this infographic:

We at Flikli have made it our mission to collaborate closely with our clients to craft infographics and other visual content from their data to meet their goals. Even if you’re uncertain as how to use all the data you do have, we can help. We use our expertise and experience to help you realize it as an infographic that helps you share your stories and knowledge with the audiences you want to reach.

If you’re interested in collaboratively creating infographics with us, get in touch with us at hello@flikli.com. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you understand how we can visualize your data and information in ways that help you achieve your aims.