Flikli 10% Time Project: The “One-Shot GIF” Tumblr

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Each week, to encourage creativity, fun, and free thinking, every Flikli artist/designer is allowed 10% of his or her time to work on self-generated, self-guided projects or larger internal team projects. These projects are presented either internally or to the public upon completion. This blog post is part of an ongoing series of posts highlighting our Flikli 10% Time Projects. — The Editors

The number 2 as an animated .gif.

Do you ever get those random ideas that just pop into your head but because they have nothing to do with your current project or serve no further purpose than the idea itself you just bury them away and forget about them? Yes? No? Well whatever your answer, it was definitely a “yes” for me. Lots of ideas just went wasted because I never thought to just carry them out even if they were totally pointless.

I came across an interesting blog during my final year of study called greyscalegorilla.com. It was a fairly new blog at the time but one of the recurring features really caught my eye and that was the 5 second project. You would be given a theme, a sentence, something to give a vague direction and then you had to try and produce a 5 second piece of animation around it. It was a brilliant idea but sadly at the time I was so bogged down with my final year project I never had time to invest in it.

Fast forward 3 years later and I totally forgot about it. Working life caught up with me and I found I experimented less and less with the exception of the small amount of time I might have got to research for a current project. When you are working 9-7/8, Mon-Fri the last thing you want to do with your precious spare time is boot up your computer and get stuck into some animation.

We can fly!

With the implementation of 10% time to our Flikli workflow I saw this as an opportunity to get my creative spirit back; to enjoy the process of creation for creations sake. The beauty of this is that even though there might be no certain direction with each shot, what you make might influence something further down the line. For instance you are working on a project and you get to a point where you realise that you have already come up with a solution to the problem. It’s in a shot you did 3 months ago.

I intend to continue this project outside of my allocated 10% time because not only does it give my brain a chance to look at something fresh, it gives me an opportunity to experiment and hone my skills with each shot I do. I highly recommend any animator take up this practice if they are not doing so already (and besides, GIFs are damn cool!).

This means “Hello” in Hungarian.

“One-Shot GIF” is an ongoing project, so you can check out new GIFs as they’re posted here.

And if you want to use GIFs in your marketing material, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help out!