Forgetting Norms for a Moment or Two

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“Luucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!”

Companies are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, but paradoxically, most “new” marketing strategies just duplicate what competing brands have already done. Marketers realize their content should be as unique and amazing as the product it promotes, but they seldom make that a reality. Same goes for explainer videos. Explainers have proven themselves as a great start in helping potential clients understand what your company, product or service is about, but please indulge me while I venture beyond the popular “what we do” and “why you need us” videos.

Take a moment and think about any conversation you’ve had about your business.

“Hmm… what do people reeeeally want to know?!?”

People probably ask you about more than just “what exactly do you do?” or “what is your product for?” When people are considering purchase decisions, they want to get to know your business on a more personal level. They want to know about the people and ideas behind your business.

They may ask,

“Where did you come up with the idea?”

“How did you get started?”

“Who are the people you work with?”

“Where is your office located?”

“What’s your team’s background?”

“What inspires your daily work?”

Most companies do offer this information, but they usually do it in text scattered about on various pages of their websites. If standing out from the crowd is your goal, I’d argue that these unique facets of your business deserve more than just nicely written copy on a web page. They deserve a video! So let’s start compelling customers visually.

Ditch those bulky bios! Introduce your company’s founder… as a cartoon!

Meet Torben, our CTO and Head Bear Whisperer.


Throw out texty testimonials! Your customers would look great as characters showing their experiences on screen.

“Without this app, I would’ve never found my true princess!”


And forget about hefty how-to’s! Add value for your customers by creating a screencast startup guide.

First, have a seat at your desk. 🙂 Then activate your subscription by clicking here.


Most importantly, don’t feel like a video is restricted to what your company is currently doing. Visual communication works for the past, present and future! Do a bit of time travel and tell people about your company’s history in a video series. Share recent successes, awards and developments. Fly into the future and let people know what your vision is for the next 5 years. Use animation to conquer the limits of reality! (Who needs limits, anyway!)

By breaking the traditional video mold you’ll grab attention, keep people engaged and get people wanting more! Have some ideas but aren’t sure how to put them into action? Reach out and talk to us! We’d be happy to help put your concepts on screen.

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