How are Your CTAs performing? Kickstart Your 2015 CTA strategy now!

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It’s that time of year again! Presents are getting wrapped up and so are your company’s annual budget and marketing strategies. As you review the past year with the benefit of accumulated experience and hindsight, you and your team will reevaluate customer profiles, set new business development goals, and structure monthly plans to achieve them.

It goes without saying that no lead generation or sales conversion campaign is complete without a strong Call To Action. As you retool your marketing and sales pitches, reevaluate your CTAs as well…You may find that last year’s are now completely irrelevant to your new business goals! So as 2014 is winding down, take the opportunity to get next year’s marketing materials ready for a new year of optimized marketing.

What’s in a CTA?

  • Put a smile on your customers’ faces…Buy now and save 25%!
  • Make your data work for you, sign up for our no-risk, free beta trial!
  • Contact us for a free consultation and improve your credit today!

Whatever your CTA(s), they should reflect the basic habits and nature of your target audience, inspire direct action that supports your sales goals, and highlight or test the top value propositions of your product or service.

B2B companies like Mighty Meeting work with entrepreneurs that use technology everyday to help run their businesses.

At the end of their explainer video, they added the CTA : “Sign-up and download the free application at! Mighty Meeting: Present Anywhere and Sell Like a Pro with Your iPhone and iPad.”

This CTA is effective, because it directs a tech-savvy audience to a downloadable app, promises a free, no-risk product that offers great value, and expands the company’s customer list and email base for future marketing campaigns.

Don’t beat around the bush! Effective CTAs are as explicitly sales-y as they come. There are no ifs ands or buts about what you actually want your customers to do, so don’t add any doubt to the grand finale. The more direct your CTA, the more successful, and you’d be surprised what a simple nudge can do! Let’s take the simple ‘Please Retweet’ example — adding a simple request to your Twitter messages has shown a 51% success rate in social sharing.

Once you’ve wrapped up your marketing and sales goals into a few short phrases, don’t forget the finishing touches! If you’re communicating your CTA through a video, provide a link in the description with a memorable URL for your audience to click through to.

Enhance the impact of your CTA by showing and telling with your video content. The overview video we produced for the Testicular Cancer Foundation achieves this by synchronizing their animated URL, slogan and call to action with the voiceover for a clear, direct message.

Check it out — their URL is close at hand underneath the video for immediate clickthrough!

Put your call to action, into action

Designing and crafting marketing material around a direct, unambiguous CTA makes your CTA effective, but inelastic. If you’ve pivoted your marketing strategy and set new sales goals, take the time to revise and rewrite your CTAs — chances are the next steps in the chain of action for your customers have also changed.

Finally, take stock of your existing marketing assets. Do they support the new message you want to send your audience? Do you still plan on running the campaign you wanted them to act on a year ago? Has the signup form, button or link changed or moved?

If your goals and strategies have changed, then so has your CTA. It’s time to update your landing pages, email templates, video content, and other media accordingly, and Flikli can help!

Get in touch with us today to bring your 2015 visual marketing content into top gear!