How You Can Double the Value of Your Explainer Video: Part II

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Now that we’ve spent some time exploring video platforms for your explainer video, it’s time to explore ways to incorporate your video into your existing content marketing strategies.

And if you don’t have a solid strategy in place yet, you’re in luck! An explainer video that introduces your business service or product is the perfect way to kickstart all sorts of campaigns. So without further ado, let’s put that video to work!

The Setup

First and foremost, mind the best practices for publishing a video on your website. The most obvious spot for it is on your landing page, after all a video here is proven to increase conversion by 20%! Explainers are prime top-of-the-sales funnel material, so stick it where it can stick your audience.

Another less obvious spot for it is in the “about” and “resources” section of your business website and other media channels. Don’t make curious leads dig for information, it’s best to serve it right up!

Blog It Out

Whether you have an existing blog or you’re kickstarting one today, a post introducing your business with a fun and snappy animation simply can’t go wrong. Seriously, imagine the benefits of adding some personal messaging around your video, or adding a video to your personal messaging!

Imagine you want to delve into a deeper explanation of how your organization was founded, introduce your founders, or explain a slight pivot or new content service or product offering. Use your video to hook your audience, as viewers spend 100% more time on pages with video, then get right in there with what you want to say.

Finally, make sure your customers don’t leave before signing up or checking out other pages on your site!

Soften those cold calls

E-mail campaigns are an indispensable tactic for a lot of businesses focused on lead generation, but they can also be viewed as a less annoying and more efficient version of cold calls. So why not make that first brush of outreach enjoyable and intriguing for your audience? Cut down your text to the simplest of intros, then let your motion graphics do the talking!

A case study by Marketing Sherpa revealed that when Ragan Communications introduced video to their email marketing campaign, their click-through rate doubled! Since then, HTML5 technology and updated browsers have made great progress towards a seamless inbox viewing experience.

Haven’t used video in e-mail before? We dropped some pointers on the process here.

Video in real life…

Are you taking your product for a ride? Take your video along with it! Videos at conference stalls are great material for piquing the interest of passersby, and animations really help you stand out from the crowd with something informative and fun.

You can’t go wrong incorporating a motion graphic in a presentation or pitch either. When you only have a matter of minutes to present yourself, use the best material you have and show, don’t tell!

There are lots of other ways to use your video content to draw eyes and conversions! Do you use any of the tactics we mentioned? What were the results?

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