The Interactivity that will Revolutionize Your Video Content

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A while back we tipped you to the fact that interactive video was coming. Since then we’ve been working hard with our interactive video partner, the newly-crowned Innopitch European Young Innovator of the Year Vidzor on some experiments that show you just what interactive video can do and help you achieve.

In a B2B-focused experiment, we decided to take our existing frontpage video and trick it out with some interactivity. Check out this work in progress and have some fun with the interactive rough cut of our frontpage video:

When the content your audience watches becomes a place to make choices and take action, everything changes.

With Flikli’s Vidzor-powered offerings, you’ll be able to create videos that your audience can navigate through, following paths you create for them; they’ll be able to make choices and voice their opinions about what they’re watching, buy products, enter contests, and share on social media right from inside the frame. For a viewer, it’s like being able to grab that eye candy, taste it, and share it.

And when your viewers take action, you’ll get unprecedented insights about what they prefer and how they behave through Vidzor’s advanced integrated analytics. This is engagement beyond views. You’ll have a completely new paradigm for understanding your visitors and measuring your video ROI: Clicks, Downloads, Signups, Leads, Votes, Shares, Likes, Followers, Submissions and Purchases. It’s exciting whether you’re a Silicon Valley startup with an explorable product demo or a large enterprise running a creative online marketing campaign based on interactive storytelling.

Interactive media is the future. Audiences now are doers, not just watchers. We play interactive games on buses and trains during our commutes; online mapping software has made the leap to a place where interactive maps now help us navigate and discover with minimum effort. Interactive doodles and artwork have delighted the world too. It’s time for interactive video to be just as enriching and exciting.

If you’re interested in creating an interactive video for your company, give us a shout at