Lemon Shark

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One of ways that our team members use their Flikli Content Lab time is to practice and sharpen their abilities within the house styles we often use in our videos.

Mariann is a fairly new member of the Flikli team and wanted to get more familiar with the hallmarks and details of the Flikli styles so that she’s able to produce them quickly and fluently as needs arise.

With this Content Lab project, Mariann took a unique approach to directing her practice — she decided to draw and design what she considers to be one of her favorite animals in each of the Flikli styles.

To do this, she found a reference picture…

dove into the Flikli back catalog and style libraries to get a sense for the features of each of the styles, and consulted with other illustrators who have worked in our styles before. Voilà!

The Lemon Shark