Maximizing Your Explainer Video

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So you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself an explainer video, but now what? How can you use it to increase your sales and raise awareness of your product and brand? Having an explainer video has many benefits, but if you don’t use it in the right way, then it all goes down the drain.

Here are some of our tips to help you gain exposure with your video:

Location, location, location!

What is the point of having a video if no one can see it? Display your video front and center on your website for maximum exposure. Put your video “above the fold” or above the point where visitors to your site will need to scroll down on your homepage. Just below the fold is okay as well and keep in mind the varying resolutions. Have an “about” page for your product or service? Put it there too. Yumani, does a great job of this. They have a link to their video above the fold on their homepage, and goes a step further by having separate videos for each of their product pages.

Draw attention to it

Even if a video is front and center, it is important to draw attention to it. Using creative fonts or colors, or even simply not have anything else on the page, like Shopular does, will help visitors to your website sort through all the clutter and see what you want them to see – the video. As one of our favorite authors, John Maeda, says in The Laws of Simplicity: “subtract the obvious and add the meaningful”. This can apply to great effect here.

Post it on social media

Beyond just putting your new video on your website, share it everywhere where your potential consumers can see it: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever your consumers are. It doesn’t mean you need to go crazy and put it everywhere. Select the networks that make the most sense for you and your target audience.

Make it shareable

This one builds on our previous comment. With today’s interconnected web, where sharing something is as a simple as clicking a button, you can get your biggest fans – your consumers – to help with your promotion. Make your video easily sharable on various social networks for maximum exposure. Many video players have built in sharing functionality already which give you a shortened link, but Visual Revenue takes it a step further by including the ability to share across a variety of social networks directly from the video itself.

With these quick and easy tips, your video will be grabbing the attention of your target audience in no time.