“Office Posture Matters”. It Really Does.

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It’s easy to realize that staying seated for long periods of time gets uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Ask anybody who’s been on a prolonged bus or airplane ride. It feels bad and an ever-greater number of medical studies are telling us that it’s just flat-out unhealthy. So why do we spend our workday doing just that? Is there a better way? The creatives of Team Flikli asked ourselves just that and came up with our latest video, with workplace wellbeing firmly in our minds:

So yes, the occasional cry of “work is killing me!” heard in the back of your mind might actually be true if you find yourself fastened to your office chair for a good chunk of the the week.

UPDATE (Aug. 16): In a boon to our efforts to spread the word about healthy postures and keeping physically active during the workday, some big sites around the web have featured “Office Posture Matters” on their sites. Which ones? Check out a concise list here.

The office of old is not what it used to be. Today we can increasingly find mobile working arrangements, coworking spaces, home offices, and workplaces designed with the health and wellbeing of employees in mind. We can take comfort in the fact that occupational health awareness has come a long way and there are such things as organized workplace exercise programs. Kneeling chairs, standing desks, exercise balls, ergonomically adjustable office tables and other similar health-conscious office furniture are becoming less “alternative” and more normal in working spaces too. These are all great tools, and we’re likely healthier workers today than we were 50 years ago. Still, we can’t rely on the tools to do the job for us. As we point out in the video, it’s important to be proactive about keeping mobile (and not in the tech sense!) and mindful about our posture as a basis for wellness in the workplace.

Anyhow, we hope you found the video helpful in both raising your awareness and giving you some tips on staying healthy in the office.

In the next post we’ll write a bit about how we came up with the idea and get some fun comments from the team.

Do you think about your posture at the office? What do you do to keep yourself active during the workday? We’d love to hear your comments below.