Our Blog Refresh and What It Means

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Welcome to The FLK, Flikli’s newly-relaunched blog! While our previous blog served us well over the last two years, we needed to make several key changes to it in order to provide a better reading experience to our audiences. In the course of rethinking the blog and our content, we looked at both design and editorial content with an eye towards creating a place on Flikli.com where reading is comfortable, meaningful, and interesting. The FLK is the result of our efforts, and we hope that it will allow you to enjoy relevant content whether you’re looking to understand how better to use visuals in your business or are interested in learning more about how we create our own visuals.

Our sleek and fast new interface is designed to help you navigate to the posts you need without a second thought.

We’ve addressed a number of performance and usability issues with our previous blog. These include:

  • Blog pages load faster than ever. We’ve shaved off some significant delays in loading articles and the blog itself.
  • More readable fonts. We selected fonts that are easier on the eye and better -designed an image-heavy layout that reflects the fact that our business is to create great visuals. -organized the information in a way that’s more accessible and reader friendly.

In case you don’t have time to browse through all of our articles just yet, we’ve added a featured articles sidebar alongside our regular newsfeed to showcase our most popular and relevant pieces.  If you’re just getting started on our blog, pick a featured post that fits your fancy, and our suggested articles at the bottom of each page will guide you to another post we think you’d also enjoy.

What’s more, we’ve crafted and categorized all of our posts to grow a content repertoire centered around visual marketing, creativity, productivity, visual culture, and updates from Flikli Town.  To dig deeper into either of these topics, simply click on the corresponding article tag in the tagline to get a full list of relevant posts.

If you’re like us and you’re passionate about visual storytelling, audience engagement, and new perspectives on individual creativity and productivity then we encourage you to take a proverbial wander around The FLK to discover some good stuff.  We’re always developing and love to hear back from you guys, so feel free to drop a note (with a quick and easy Disqus sign-in) — we won’t let it go unanswered, and it might just ignite the spark for a future blog post.

If you have any questions you know where to find us!  Now without any further ado, we bid you happy trails around the FLK!