Pimp My Video – What is Flikli’s Custom Style?

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With all of our styles, house or custom, we can incorporate a color palette that’s adjusted to complement our clients’ brands. Recently, however we’ve seen an increase in demand for more customization. Companies have been wanting explainer videos with visuals that speak unquestionably to their brands. And with that, Flikli’s custom style was born!

There are several reasons to go custom. For example, if you want the characters to look a certain way or the settings to mimic a certain place. If you’ve been hard at work on your branding and have already had designers create assets for you and you want your explainer video to fit exactly to that style, custom is definitely for you. You could also be looking for a promotional video that’s absolutely unique and unlike other videos you’ve seen. No matter your reasoning, tell us all about your idea and we’ll make it happen.

The process is slightly different from our house styles, because we spend more time really honing in on the essence of your brand during the production consultation and creating a mood board before the scripting stage, so that we’re all on the same page with you branding and overall concept before proceeding with the writing, illustrating and animating.

Take a look at some of the custom style videos we’ve done in recent history:

Hoelzle came to us with a very specific vision and concept for their video, everything from colors to how the truck in the video should look. The result was a great one.


Sonatype really wanted to focus on a clean look to go with their brand so they asked us for a custom video.


Fete Beget really wanted a new set of characters for their video and for us to portray certain emotions. Well done!


Tell us a little more about what you want for your project and we’ll be happy to tell you the story of how we work and get started on making the perfect video to add to your marketing arsenal.