Promoting Your Explainer Video

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Many people know the benefits of using Google Adwords to bring business and traffic to their website through advertising of text ads. But not many people know that Google offers this same service for videos as well.

Previously, we’ve discussed strategies on how to increase views of your explainer video on your website and online networks. However, organic growth can only go so far, and it can take some time to build up momentum. To speed up the process, Google Adwords can help you get the right people and businesses seeing your video.

4 Ways of Advertising

Like the text ads, when using Google Adwords for video, you have a choice as to where you want your video to appear. They can been seen while users are searching for videos, prior to watching a video or in the suggested video section on YouTube. Or the videos can be seen while users are browsing related web content which works in conjunction with the Google Display Network, which places your video on websites that are relevant to you. Google has set up a handy explanation of all the ad formats for video.

Targeting your audience

Google Adwords gives you the option to decide who gets to see your ads based on demographics. Choose specific geographical locations, or omit certain areas not relevant to your business. Or target them based on languages. You can also use these targeting functions to test how well your video is doing. If you have two versions, you can see which one works better. Or if a particular screenshot before your video is more effective.


Beyond just targeting your audience by location and language, by using keywords that are associated with your business, you can determine when your ad will appear in search results. Track what words people are using to find your site, and use those as your keywords. Here are some further tips to help determine your keywords. Its also important to remember to use these keywords effectively in the video title, if you’re posting on Youtube or Vimeo for example, as well as in the video tags.

Pay per click

Just like Adwords for text ads, you only pay when someone watches the video – not per impression. You can set your daily budget, how much you’re willing to pay per click and monitor everything, adjusting as you need. So ultimately you’re in control of how much promotion of your video is done.

There is a big vast world when it comes to Google Ads, and it can be rather overwhelming at first. But the best way to get to know it and understand it, is to just try it out for yourself. If done properly, you can drive considerable traffic to your website.