Storytelling in the Tech Industry

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We’ve all seen a tech startup explainer video that goes something like this: Don’t let this happen to you! If your video is just recycling cutesy techniques, strings of esoteric acronyms, and misplaced CTAs, there’s a chance even the ever praised power of visuals will be lost in a melee of mediocre. So what are the rules of tech explainer videos? How do you walk the fine line between professional and memorable? Here are some guidelines that will take your video from alright….to awesome. Simplicity shouldn’t make people snore It may seem logical that a tech explainer video advertise every minute detail and special feature included in the app or service it’s explaining…After all that’s what you’ve been working so hard on, and that’s what sets you apart from the competition, right? Not exactly. Instead of producing a flashy new product description, focus instead on highlighting all of the benefits you offer to your audience that your competition doesn’t. Get specific, and describe a typical use-case scenario if you can. If you’re highlighting specific features in your video, do it in a way that underlines how simple your product is to use, and don’t just publish a meandering screencast that leaves your audience scrambled by a barrage of graphs and charts.

Your tech video can definitely be serious, but it should be very clear who benefits and how.

Technically, you could be funny A tech explainer doesn’t have to be funny, but it doesn’t hurt! Adding bits of humor to your animation naturally makes an explainer more memorable, but it can also add clarity and context to your product. An important point to look out for here is to make sure that jokes and fun animations don’t distract from your main message. A good script combines humor, clear descriptions, and relevance to create a memorable video in one unified message.

Little did you know, the evolution of meetings started a long, long time ago….

Work your magic In some ways, tech apps, services, software and hardware are basically magical, making things happen today that we would have never dreamed of even five years ago! The same could be said for animation. Your video can make things that seem absolutely impossible a reality, so take advantage of animation like you would take advantage of a great tech tool! Create an original character, imagine a virtual cloud world for your device, or add that one unexpected twist that could turn your video upside down…

Swift Identity Authentication’s service was a game changer in Kitty City — what could it do for their audience?

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