A Fun and Friendly Guide to Explainer Video Styles

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It’s a bird…It’s a plane…Wait. It’s definitely a Flikli character!

There are certainly a lot of characters around our studio, but it’s not fair to call them all “cartoons.” There are actually great differences between our 6 house styles. Allow us to shed some light on what some of those differences are: we made this guide just for you!

Go ahead, open it up! There’s a page for each style where you can see how the characters look and get a little bit o’ history about each of them. On the left side of each style sheet, check out how objects in that style would be illustrated and animated. On the right, find examples of backgrounds that can be used within the style and aesthetic factors. But we’re way cooler than school, so we’re also giving you a cheat sheet right away that shows the main characteristics of each style, side by side.

Do you love our styles but already have your own in-house look developed? Take a look at our ‘custom style’ description to see how Flikli tailors explainer videos to any brand theme, look, or color palette. If it’s a how-to demo video (screencast) you would like to create, we’ve got what you need! Take a look at our past work, and talk to us to get started on your own.



Check us out on Slidehsare: A guide to animated explainer video styles from Flikli.