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Thanksgiving’s here again, and this year our illustration & animation team came up with a mini-set of Thanksgiving GIFs for our friends and clients. We’ve been circulating these little bits of content  through our communication channels in the run-up to the holiday in what we’ve been calling “ThanksGIFing” (and yes, we know that it’s properly pronounced “jiff”, but it still kinda rhymes).

Now that Thanksgiving’s here, we’ve collected them all here for your enjoyment. Feel free to save and share these fun & funky bits of holiday eye candy with your friends and family! Just hover over a GIF and right-click on PC / Ctrl+Click on Mac and save individually, or grab the whole set as a .zip file here.



Lots of Thanksgiving-y stuff, all at once!

Thanksgiving Turkey Chase

Turkey Chase

Getting that Thanksgiving turkey can be a bit tricky sometimes. Especially when the turkey can wield an ax.

Turkey (Photo)shoot

Turkey (Photo)shoot

Because we’ve all taken a picture with the turkey.

Cornucopia of Strange

Cornucopia of Strange

Nature’s bounty…and then some.

One Large Turkey

One Large Turkey

Those forest turkeys can get pretty big.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Flikli!