Video Email Marketing: It’s Time To Press Play

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Humans are emotional, naturally responsive, visual learners

If you’re a human being in possession of a stable internet connection, it is virtually impossible to avoid watching, liking, sharing, hating or loving, aww’ing and ooh’ing to at least a few (if not hundreds) of videos throughout your week. The current influx of online video has created an internet culture where millions of short visual bites are traded around cyberspace daily to entertain or to educate — and a quick look at your Facebook, Twitter, and newly-updated Instagram newsfeeds peppered with video thumbnails and share pixels stands testament to the engaging power of video content.

Right now, approximately 500 years of video are watched online daily, and 100 million people take a social action (like, share, comment) on YouTube every week. Video thumbnails have become such an accepted sight on the social media horizon that we easily forget that there is a private corner of the internet where text and external links are the basic, dominant form of communication. But exist it does, and if you think hard you’ll realize it’s called…your e-mail inbox.

Currently only 25% of marketers use video in email marketing

In itself, this fact may not cause you to bat an eye. But consider the amount of videos and clips that abound across the internet, as well as the endless stream of emails that flood through your tabbed Gmail inbox, and suddenly it seems odd that “video” isn’t appearing in your subject lines en masse as they do in your newsfeed. Here, visuals and video can have even greater impact because of their relative scarcity and uniqueness, and in terms of video email marketing, it’s only a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag. A study by The Relevancy Group polled 266 marketing executives, 80% of whom reported that they were somewhat or very likely to use video.

But wait–there’s more!

Psychologically speaking, the memory retention rates of video blow text and pictures out of the water. 72 hours after visiting a site, people remember 10% of text, 65% of other visuals, and 90% of the video. Most importantly for marketers and e-mail campaigners, are The Relevancy Group’s findings that video email marketing campaigns increase email marketing revenue by 40%. What’s more, simply including the word “video” in e-mail subject lines increase click-through rates from 7%-13%.

The argument for video e-mail marketing is chock full of similar statistics that make it obvious, incorporating video is a no-brainer. If you’re interested in reading more about the math behind the method, we highly recommend The Relevancy Group study, available here.

Video content is everywhere, it’s engaging, it works! So, what’s the hold up?

Video content is undoubtedly a winning solution, especially while keeping in mind the unsaturated market, where an embedded video is unique enough to double the impact of your company’s message. Up to date there have been two major factors hampering it’s complete incorporation in the inbox. Compatibility and available content.

The logistical issue is fast on its way to being solved, as the possibilities of video have created a huge demand for an e-mail embedding solution that functions flawlessly across the browser board. The pairing of modern web browsers and HTML5 have vastly decreased the chances of a broken or slow-to-load video link in e-mail. Third-party plug-ins have also ceased to become a cumbersome detractor. The HTML5 tag allows recipients to stream and interact with video in e-mail, drastically reducing clicks and load time that previously conflicted with short attention spans and interest. This format even allows subscribers the option to choose the best-supported video format for their specific browser when opening the email, providing a “plan B” viewing format, should their browser be dated.

So, how do you harness the vast potential of video content in your marketing strategy without spending a huge budget testing various video solutions?

Little or no video content is one of the major obstacles facing potential video email marketers, but it is also a golden opportunity to test various strategies to discover if one is able to yield that coveted 40% rate. You may begin with a professionally DIY approach, with a brief introduction of your product by a leading executive, or perhaps with a contest or giveaway announcement where video content is especially potent in inspiring action.

If you’re looking to outsource and produce a short video that piques interest and generates leads for your business, a short and professional explainer video provides an invaluable source of evergreen content. Within outreach and lead generation campaigns, introductory videos can visualize your brand and present your company message in a catchy, minute-long video. They are short enough to hold attention, snappy enough to get your message across, and most importantly, they inspire action and a response through visual engagement.

Regardless of your approach, in order for your tests and campaigns to be successful, ensure that you have stable video email software that supports HTML5, clickable calls-to-action, and shareability that can cinch the deal at the end of your visuals. Check out this list of 7 businesses that improved their e-mail marketing campaigns through visual interaction, and consider the different ways you can animate your own emails before the rest of cyberspace catches on!