Video Hack: Repurpose Your Video Content

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There are 8 types of visual marketing content brands are using today, each with its own set of best practices and length parameters. Video is, and remains number one, but various distribution and social media channels require a lot of different video content and resources. There’s an easier way to produce quality video content for all of your distribution channels.

The Homepage Video

The general consensus seems to be that the sweet spot for a homepage or explainer video times at around 90 seconds in length. Naturally, some videos go shorter, while some reach two minutes.

At the same time, there’s a  ‘Keep Calm and Go Long’ camp. For example, Cisco, a major player in the tech field, puts a lot of emphasis on where their viewers are at in their customer journey when determining video length. In an interview with, Leslie Drate, social media team lead in charge of the company’s global web video marketing strategy, explained their reasoning.

“If the customer is at the beginning of the journey and they’re just gaining awareness about your company, then a more general overview of your company is more appropriate. But once they’re further along in the process and in what we call the design stage, where they’re making decisions about one product versus another, they’re willing to spend much more time with videos and other types of collateral, to compare feature-by-feature.”

Going by these parameters, once your homepage video is covered, you’ll have at least 90 seconds to two minutes of quality video content on your hands. But you still have to produce marketing assets for your video channels, video ads, and social media profiles. Ideally, these should match the look and tone of your video, but each outlet requires different lengths.

We did some research on the most popular distribution platforms to find the optimal lengths of video content video marketers.

The YouTube Ad

Naturally, YouTube was our first stop. eConsultancy A/B tested two YouTube ads – one :15 seconds long, the other :30 – to compare their performance. After a month of testing, they found that:

  • 34% of viewers made it to the end of the 15 second video
  • Only 32% of viewers made it to the halfway point of the 30 second video
  • The 15 second edit saw 51% of the impressions [a user view of a YouTube ad]  but drove 83% of their total conversions [when someone clicks your ad and performs an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase
  • The 15 second edit achieved this with a CPA [cost-per-action] almost four times lower than the 30 second edit (£45 compared to £169 for the 30 second edit)



The AOL, Hulu and Netflix Ad

When it comes to AOL, Yahoo, Hulu or Netflix ads, the story changes. Audiences on these sites are  more willing to sit out a :30 second ad, because they’re featured next to premium video content, including full length shows and video shorts.

Depending on your marketing goals and distribution strategy, you also have to come up with 3-15 second Instagram videos and 6 second Vines, as well as any number of 3-5 second GIFs — each easily shareable, with a potential for virality.

I’ll admit, by now you might be thinking, ‘Hey, you’re just stressing me out, I thought this article was about a hack?!’ Fear not, we’re getting to that!

The Hack

With all of these distribution platforms and video channels to produce unified visual content for, it turns out, you can easily cover all of your bases in one video production process. With a bit of pre-planning, an original, long-form homepage video can supply the elements for shorter videos in any length, while conserving their original look and message!

To make this work, pay special attention to your script structure in the first stage of video production. Think of each sentence and corresponding visual as a building block, and plan a few that can be taken out without having the whole building fall down. Or just ask us to do it for you!

The video series we created for was planned with a flexible explainer video from the start, so all we had to do was vary the transition words and take out ‘expendable’ scenes to turn a longform homepage video into half-sized, and quarter-sized shorts.

The full length explainer video started like this…

Then it got edited to two :30 second shorts for AOL and Hulu,

And finally, a :15 second YouTube ad was created with the repurposed graphics.

Talk to us about getting more mileage out of your explainer video and producing a quality video marketing package in one go!

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