Flikli’s latest Interactive Video: “The 8-Bit Games: Winteractive Edition!”

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It’s cold outside! That means it’s the perfect time to get out and play some winter sports. But for those of us that prefer the warm indoors, we decided to participate by making a sequel to the original Flikli 8-bit Games video, this time featuring a few frostier sports and activities.

But we wanted to see if our viewers were up for a challenge, so we made the video into an interactive game using Vidzor technology. For your enjoyment, we present “The 8-Bit Games: Winteractive Edition!”

If you’re interested in working with us to get an interactive video of your own, get in touch with us by sending us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss your concept with you and give you a quote!

Anyhow, while we were putting finishing touches on the video, I started to wonder how our team feels about winter sports. By vote, skiing and ski jumping tied for the Flikli and Vidzor team favorite. Honorable mentions for snowball fights and sledding!

When our team was asked, “Which winter sport are you least likely to try?” here were some of the answers:

“Ski jumping. I don’t like heights.” — Nathan
“Skeleton, ‘the killer slide.’” — Eszti
“Maybe bobsleigh, I’m scared to death just by watching that.” — Joco
“Skiing, I think. 🙂 I’m sure that I would be the first to die on his first try.” — Mark
“Cross Country Skiing. Sure, you’d see some nice scenery but who could be bothered.” — Kieran
“I’m not the snowman type of guy.” — Rocky
“Maybe downhill skiing. I’m afraid of being eaten by penguins” — Matyas

As you can see, we’re a dramatic bunch around here! And for the record, some of us think penguins don’t deserve such a bad rap.

But enough about us! Go ahead, play “The 8-Bit Games: Winteractive Edition!” and test your knowledge of winter sports. When you’re done, don’t forget to share with friends if you loved it. And of course, please feel free to comment below with all your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and the rest!